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Welcome to my blog

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Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. 

To coincide with the release of my double album devoted to Bach’s Goldberg Variations (CD1 is the performance, and CD2 my illustrated talk), and with my performance of the work in Houston on March 27, the first few posts will feature selected variations.

The blog will include, amongst other things, performances of short works, piano playing tips, and other nuggets of advice to pianists and music lovers.

Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions.

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11 Responses to Welcome to my blog

  1. Manuel says:

    Hello Clive. It was great meeting you finally. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Right now I’m listening to your talk on the Goldberg Variations. I have learned more about Schubert and Bach from your CDs than I ever knew before.

  2. Cary Rogers says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Goldberg recital, and have listened numerous times to the talk on the lecture CD. It certainly opens up an understanding of the piece that I never had previously. Looking forward to postings on the video blog. Also I am looking forward to the Diabelli Variations recital on May 1!! Best wishes!

  3. Clive Swansbourne says:

    Thanks for the feedback Cary. I am hard at work on the Diabellis and plan some video intro material in advance. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. colleen black says:

    I was so excited and happy to find your site. Your piano playing is and always has been so inspiring! I retired from music education and now spend time just wanting to play the piano. This happens from a new pill I take for ADHD. Amazing I got through my degree with the trouble I had focusing. I remember your teachings and helpfulness to make my experience with music worthwhile. I am embarrassed I didn’t practice more but like you told me one day….A person can still play beautifully when they are in there 90′s. I hope to be that person.
    I hope you remember me from ISU….You are amazing!!!

    • Clive Swansbourne says:

      How could I forget you Colleen?! It’s great to hear from you. I remember what a good job you did with Beethoven’s “Tempest” sonata, 3rd movement. You have to tell me more about this piano-playing-desire-inducing pills. There will always be students who can benefit from those.

      So glad you found my site. It’s new in its present state and I am hoping to upload a lot of stuff by year’s end, videos etc., and get the thing really rolling. It’s a new frontier. I hope all goes well with your playing – send me an mp3 some day, or just stay in touch.

  5. colleen Black says:

    You won’t believe the pill. It is for adhd… How in the heck did i make it through college. I remember every piece you taught me and I am doing much better at them now with the focus and expressions that I am working on. Thank you so much for replying!!! You are a genius!!! I love to hear you play!!! I wanted to change my instrument to trumpet because I felt so far behind with piano. Your concerts were so incredible and your memory!!!!
    I don’t know if it would help other students. It was a miracle I made it through college with everything. Every person is different. It is a miracle for me. I didn’t practice much in college and feel embarrassed at how slow I was at learning the pieces but all I want to do now is practice…..not anything else. I should want to go out and socialize and shop. It is weird because I could be doing other things. I think that everyone is different at what could help them with depression. So that is my story. I will probably just stay in touch unless I feel like sending you the Bach English Suite No. III Prelude gets memorized for a better outcome. I love Bach…And I love Beethoven. Beethoven was really amazing at all of the changes he made with music and music he wrote. I don’t care that he wasn’t a Mozart. Mozart may have been a natural genius however Beeethoven really worked so hard and did such amazing music. I don’t know how you feel. And I especially love Brahms. Isn’t his music hard to memorize??? Cuz of his left hand command of notes.. however should I say that.??? I haven’t really practiced this much in my life so I am struggling at patience. You asked me once, can’t you just pick up a piece you had once learned in about 6 weeks. Well, maybe if I worked on one piece. I am working on so many right now that it will take me a long time to be a performer or whatever in the heck I am trying to do. I know one thing, I won’t be a dueling pianist.
    Take Care!!

    • Clive Swansbourne says:

      A dueling pianist??? Sounds deadly, potentially. Wow, it really seems like you are pursuing your musical activities; that’s great to hear. Send mp3′s whenever you want, or in whatever format you want. We could even do a skpe lesson from time to time.

      I agree with everything you say about Beethoven and Bach, but see no mention of Schubert (my personal favorite, if I had to choose one). I also did a Chopin and Schumann series last year and became enamored anew with Schumann. Brahms is wonderful, but not quite so rewarding to play on the piano I find.

      Keep it up Colleen!!
      Clive S.

  6. lena nichols says:

    This is my HAPPY day, dear Clive! I found your site!!! Only 2 people in my life who were believing in me – my husband Ark and you, my first serious teacher (ISU). After my BM I was working on my 2 grad. degree at U of Iowa, going from teacher to teacher, looking for somebody like you and never found one. I am teaching almost 15 years in a local college her in Iowa City, happy with all my achievements, and a very proud that I had such an amazing teacher and a friend like you! I hope you would answer to your former student and a friend Helen ( Lena), and I wish you best! Take care!Lena.

    • Clive Swansbourne says:

      Hi Lena,
      Great to hear from you and that things are going so well. It’s been good here in Texas also, teaching privately and performing and getting my website going. Next year we start a chamber music series also, which I am very excited about.

      I am out of the country for 3 weeks, but when I get back, I’ll get my site really going.

      Stay in touch and say hi to Ark!
      All the best,

  7. colleen Black says:

    well, i am still working on the back english suite no. 3 prelude. i have it memorized but when i try to record it for you i keep messing up. and i don’t like how it sounds. amazing how recording do that to you. but i don’t know how i can send anything perfect but know i am still working….
    Hope all is well with you!

  8. colleen Black says:

    the schubert except is the most beautiful playing i have ever heard!!!

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